Now with Industry Leading 3 year no quibble warranty!

EuroFlo ‘Quality - Inside To Out’

Now with the industry leading 3 year, no quibble, warranty!

EuroFlo's precision engineering process comprises the most precise technology, skill and high standards to produce exhausts that are more accurate and long-lasting than any other Premium supplier.

The quality and finish of our exhausts really is second-to-none, and the unique mechanical interior ensures that the inner workings of our exhausts are more durable in all conditions compared to a traditional welded interior.

Our industry leading construction process allows us to set our own incredibly high standards and means that we allow for much smaller tolerances during manufacture. The end result being that every EuroFlo exhaust, box, silencer or pipe carries with it our assurances of top quality every time - that's why we now offer a 3 year, no quibble, warranty across our entire exhaust range.

Unbeatable Quality Through Innovation

Unprecedented Attention To Detail

With every EuroFlo exhaust manufactured our keen eye for detail is applied at every step and is unseen on any competitor brand. Some examples of this include:

  • Well formed olives, vital to provide a comfortable fit and a tight seal when attaching the exhaust
  • We use only the correct sized wire for our exhaust hangers whether it be 8mm, 10mm or 12mm (other manufacturers mainly use just the single, thinnest wire)
  • Hanging brackets are accurately measured and angled to prevent movement of the exhaust while the vehicle is in transit

Unique Sound Control Chamber Technology

Unique Chambers inside EuroFlo silencers make baffles act as “mirrors” for sound waves; “reflecting” them in all directions inside the silencer and allowing only a few to escape and become the exhaust noise that we hear.

Another option available to us is to use sound absorption materials, like e-glass. With e-glass the sound waves get trapped in the fibres instead of escaping the silencer. This can be a cheaper manufacturing solution as it drastically reduces the structural complexity of the interiors (less baffles and internal pipe work). The fibres will also trap water and exhaust gas materials that produce harmful chemical reactions and compromise the durability of the sound absorption efficiency and the silencer itself.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturing Process

The EuroFlo manufacturing process is ISO9001:2015 certified

Our manufacturing process and facilities have been fully certified to meet the exacting standards of the International Standards Organisation who have awarded us ISO9001:2008 certification.

This globally recognised certification means that we have been recognised to be repeatedly and consistently manufacturing EuroFlo exhausts to the highest standards of quality everytime.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality